About Me

I'm a fan of great stories

This is why I focus on writing coaching. I believe great writing can be taught and I share everything I've learned about telling great stories. I teach you about the four pillars of storytelling (plot, pacing, characters, and world-building) and how to improve them in your book. 

How to Hook a Hottie_edited.jpg

Tina Ferraro, How to Hook a Hottie

Caren has a sharp eye for story structure. She did a great job helping me restructure my book for impact and pacing--and pointed to a possible plot twist even I didn't see coming.


Grave Matters_edited.jpg

Todd Harra, Grave Matters

I chose Caren to project manage and edit my recent indie book. She's professional, efficient, knowledgeable about the publishing industry, and most importantly, responsive.

Women of Means_edited.jpg

Marlene Wagman-Geller,

Women of Means

Caren did a line edit of my novel and made it far better. Her eagle eye caught inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and grammatical errors. I recommend Caren's eagle eye and capable hand.

Caren Johnson

I've worked in publishing for over 15+ years. I've agented hundreds of books, launching the careers of authors and writing teams. I know what it takes to write a good story and believe in giving writers the tools to get to the next level of their writing careers. Contact me today about my writing coaching. 

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