Writing Coaching

What I do: I offer writing coaching to writers in single or monthly sessions.   




What kinds of books do I work on: I'm only working with fiction writers at the moment. I specialize in genre fiction and commercial fiction as well as middle grade and YA fiction.




How does it work: I read 25 pages of your book per session and provide an editorial letter as well as a 30-minute phone call. I offer writing assignments that further push you to think about the plot, pacing, character development, and world-building of your story. 




Learning to write means tapping into your creativity while figuring out what story people want to read. It's fun and exciting (and occasionally frustrating). Apply to work with me and I'll teach you what I learned about writing good books from being a literary agent for over eight years.



Single Coaching Session

Try one coaching session and get an editorial letter and a

30-minute phone session 

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Multiple Coaching Sessions

Get a pack of 6 or 12 coaching sessions to workshop your work-in-progress or develop your idea

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